Chatbot expert needed

I enjoyed working with Guy. He was knowledgeable about the technical aspects and he also had some ideas that improved the content of the project. He can get really busy sometimes, so just make sure to agree about deadlines beforehand if you’re on a tight schedule. He did ask me about deadlines before the project started, and I said they were pretty flexible, so I’m not saying there were any surprises. I’m just noting that as common sense would indicate, make sure you’re both on the same page about deadlines before the project starts.

Brent R | Author
Rating: 4.85 out of 5

Job Description

Looking for someone to be able to set up a Facebook chatbot. Are you experienced? Join us:

– Be able to help set up and optimize our messenger bot in Facebook;
– Create the needed communication sequence to engage readers and get them interested in my book.

– Experienced in Facebook messenger bots;
– Strong written and verbal communication in English;
– Detail-oriented personality;
– Keep to deadlines, communicating clearly and consistently.

Additional info:
– The purpose of this project is to create a bot to impersonate the main character of the book and manage to promote the book by engaging readers and get them interested in reading the book.


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