Hourly Blocks

  • Blocks are non-refundable.
  • Blocks do not expire except as noted (SEE CLOSED ACCOUNTS)
  • Active account is required to add additional blocks
    • Your rate is guaranteed based on the account date
    • You account will be changed to inactive if there is no activity for 1 accounting period (generally 30 days). If your account is inactive you will need to contact Fat Lip Marketing (FLM) to reactivate. Reactivation is generally granted however FLM reserves the right to Close the account (SEE CLOSED ACCOUNT FOR MORE)
  • CLOSED ACCOUNT: Accounts that have no activity are updated to Closed . A closed account has access to existing time blocks but can not add additional blocks
    • Closed accounts will be deleted after 3 months of Closed status. Any unused time blocks will be considered fully used and the remaining balance will be set to ZERO
  • Service Guarantee
    • FLM is fully committed to providing exceptional service. If there is an error in the output FLM will not charge your account for time related to fixing the mistake.
  • Parallel Projects may require blocks of time to be purchased separately. An example of this is Graphical Design related to Social Media Management. When this is a required purchase the applicable rate will be at the lowest published rate at that time regardless of account date.

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